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uPVC WindowsOur pride lies in our highly secure and safe product range.

Here at Astley windows Kidderminster we have been fitting casement for over twenty years, and pride ourselves in providing high security and maximum safety with every installation. ​Astley Windows Kiddeminster DY10 excels in innovative design choices aimed at removing the risk of injury to anyone in the home.

We offer essential means of escape in case of fire whilst also offering additional safety that prevents young children falling out of windows with the convenience of traditional locking windows. The quick exit hinge or fire escape hinge can be opened to permit unrestricted exit in case of emergency, whilst the easy clean facility is designed so cleaning of your windows can be achieved from the inside.

Eco Friendlyenergy efficient windows, designed to keep the heat in.

With our increasing focus on the environment, Astley Windows Kidderminster offer a wide range of energy efficient windows, designed to keep the heat in and reduce the amount of energy you use resulting in lower heating costs.

  • In accordance with the Kitemark Window Energy Rating Scheme and Energy Saving Trusts guidelines Astley Windows meet the requirements of the A-G energy rating scale
  • Windows rated C and above are recognised as being energy efficient, in keeping with the government plan to reduce carbon emissions
  • From October 2010 the building regulations state it is mandatory to install at least C rated casement windows
  • Here at Astley Windows Kidderminster we only fit ​A rated windows ​to give our customers optimum energy performance

Why choose Astley Windows & Doors?

Energy Saving

With our increasing focus on the environment, Astley Windows Kidderminster offer a wide range of energy efficient windows.

Range of Colors

Astley Windows & Doors stock a large range of colors ensuring that you find the perfect match for your house.

60 Years Experience

We have been fitting casement windows in Kidderminster for over 20 years with a combined experience of 60 years!

Low Maintenance

Our windows and doors come with easy clean hinges fitted as standard meaning less time cleaning and more time living.

Excellent Sound Insulation

Astley Windows & Doors are not only a great addition to your home they also provide great sound insulation.

Maximum Security

All our windows are internally glazed and supplied with locking handles as standard. Security in mind at all times.