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Astley ConservatoriesOur pride lies in our highly secure and safe product range.

Astley Conservatories in Kidderminster have been fitting conservatories in Kidderminster for over twenty years. ​Our conservatories have many distinct advantages over tiled and flat roofed brick built extensions, with a multitude of design options they are also very cost effective.

  • A great way to add value to your property
  • Ideal for maximising living space without decreasing light in to your room
  • Ease of installation less disruption for you
  • An attractive way of extending and improving the appearance of your home
  • in most cases exempt from building regulations and planning permission
  • Extremely durable will not crack warp or rot
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Multi chambered frame design that offers better insulation in comparison to timber or aluminium
  • A perfect match for replacement windows and doors

Size Mattersall of our conservatories are made to measure.

As a rule of thumb always go for the biggest conservatory that your budget lets, also taking into consideration that your new conservatory needs to be in proportion to your home. ​Here at Astley Conservatories in Kidderminster we have been fitting conservatories in Kidderminster and across the midlands for twenty + years, here is a little advice about the positioning of your conservatory.

  • North Facing : is the colder side of our climate but will get some morning sun
  • South Facing : this is the sunny side of your property, adequate ventilation would help keep your conservatory at a pleasant temperature during warm spells
  • East Facing : early morning sunshine makes this your ideal breakfast room
  • West Facing : ​good light at the start of the day but warms up nicely with the afternoon/evening sun perfect for evening entertaining or just relaxing after a hard days work