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uPVC DoorsOur pride lies in our highly secure and safe product range.

Residential Doors

A combination of style multi point security locking & warp free weather proofing , meticulously designed to keep out rain wind and unwelcome visitors, Astley upvc Doors in Kidderminsters are not only desirable but extremely durable.

Standard Specs

  • Fully welded frames
  • Corrosion resistant fixings
  • Stainless steel locks for smooth and consistent operation
  • ​Galvanised reinforcement for extra strength

Composite Doors

Offer the perfect alternative being energy efficient and environmental friendly, the panel has nine times more insulation than a timber door and will not warp crack or expand, strong and durable high impact resistant (glass reinforced polyester) panel for maximum security and solid construction.

Technical Specs

  • Low maintenance paint free
  • Steel reinforced frames
  • Yale multipoint locking system
  • Hook bolts and anti-lift bolts

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a great way to bring the outside of your house inside and still keeping the weather out A bi-fold door allows you to utilise your living space by opening up your room to the outside but still keeping the heat in and the elements out in winter months. ​Imagine the difference bi-fold doors could make to your home and the way you use your outside space.

Astley bi-fold doors are designed with the flexibility to produce the perfect look that compliments your house and lifestyle.

Technical Specs

  • Wide range of opening options
  • High performance design
  • Complete range of handles and accessories
  • Unique flush line pop out handle option